Team Challenge

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How it works?

  • This service is only for TI 9 Battle Pass owners.
  • This service is only for customers whom party MMR is lower than 6000
  • 40% cheaper than MMR Boosting Service, you should use all tokens before TI 8 Battle Pass is expired.
  • We will play in your account and use Team Challenge Tokens to get you 120 - 160 MMR in a ranked match.
  • If we lose in Team Challenge match, you will get full refund.

What's Team Challenge?

  • It's time to find out if you really have what it takes to battle against your betters. As you progress along the Battle Pass rewards path, you'll earn Team Challenge Tokens. Spend one token to match your five-stack into the Ranked queue at a higher difficulty. Defeat the stronger opponents and your whole team will haul in a substantial MMR boost and bonus Battle Points.


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