What is ViCoin?

ViCoin's our Discord Server Official Currency. On this server, we use ViCoin as the Official Currency & it can be exchanged to real money.

What money can do in real life, ViCoin can do on our server. It can be used to play games, trade, bet buy items/services.

How to earn ViCoin

  • Check out #💵┇how-to-earn-vicoin
  • Everyone who joins our server will get 200 free ViCoin as a welcome gift.
  • V.I.P members (VikingDOTA’s clients) will get 1,000 starting ViCoin and 1,000 for each additional order on our system.

You can farm ViCoin using command:

  • !work: work your hard way to earn tango (4 hour cool down)
  • !crime: commit a crime to earn tango, has chance to fail and get fined (4 hour cool down)
  • !slut: be a sugar baby and earn easy money, has chance to fail and get fined (4 hour cool down)
  • !rob <@name>: steal money from other members. Can't steal money from the bank. (6 hour cool down)

You can use your luck and gamble with bot to win some Tango. Further rules of the games will be listed in other messages.

Also, we will have special tasks and events every month. Stay tuned, check #🌟┇events #📢┇server-announcements #💰┇shopping-and-banking

Play with bot

Gamble with bot with list command below:


  • !bj <quantity>: start the game
  • Stand: hold
  • Hit: draw


  • !roulette-info
  • !roulette <amount> <space>: start the game

Other ViCoin command

  • !deposit <amount>: deposit your money to the Bank.
  • !withdraw <amount>: withdraw money from your Bank.
  • !money: check your Bank Balance.
  • !leaderboard: check top earning leaderboard.

How to buy items / services with Tango

  1. Check out the store: #💰┇shopping-and-banking
  2. Use command: !buy-item [quantity] <name> to buy item
  3. Use command: !inventory to check your inventory
  4. Type: I want to exchange [quantity] <item> @VikingDOTA's Staff in #💰┇shopping-and-banking

-> We will contact you for to get recipient information.

Having any questions? Our mods and admins will be happy to answer.

Good luck, have fun.