Not Calibrated (TBD) Accounts


Behavior Score
Stock: Only 5 units left
Delivery: Instant Transfer
Warranty: Free Standard Pack
Satisfaction: 1:1 Exchange or Money Back
Available in: All Regions / Servers
Phone Number: Activated for Ranked Matches


  • Not Calibrated (TBD) Accounts: accounts that already finished first 100hours of Dota2 gameplay and ready to be calibrated. The account will have 10 TBD games waiting for you to calibrate yourself.
  • How to buy:
    • Choose the Behavior Score of the account you want to buy.
    • Choose the quantity
    • Click Add to Cart
    • Checkout, the account info will be sent to you in 15 mins after the payment successfully goes through.

How To Get Account Information

Account Warranty

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