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  • Surely everyone has experienced the feeling of helplessness when it took a long day and could not queue yourself with a desired teammate: sometimes you meet “toxic” mate who curses miscellaneous, sometimes it is “feeder” who wants to destroy the game and make us angry or sometimes it is “useless” mate who just do-nothing in the whole match.  
  • Our experts (6,000 - 8,000 MMR players) will join your team and become your desired mate(s). Now you can choose who you want to play with and decide how to play (any role, any mode, any mission, any idea, any request). Just tell us what you want and we will satisfy you.
  • We are committed to bringing you a very new and extraordinary gaming experiences.
  • Any Role: Be a true support covering your lane, or maybe a strong core player that you can count on.
  • Any Mode: Including Ranked, Low priority matches, … even Ability Draft for fun.
  • Any Mission: Be part of your team for Battle cup, get cool icon for ingame name.
  • Any Idea: Following your hero picks or Creating some ultimate strat to play so we can enjoy the game.
  • Any Request: Anything you want, just tell us and we will make it come true.

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