Payment Methods

  • We accept some payment methods:
    • Paypal / Skrill
    • Western Union
    • Steam wallet card
    • Steam skins (DotA 2, CS:GO, PUBG)
  • You will see all our payment methods on check out page:


( Click each payment method to see more details. )


  • Please go to nearest WU in your country and send money to our information:
  • Full name: NGUYEN LE HOANG
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Phone: +84969806808

    ► SKRILL

    • There is no extra fee if you pay via Skrill
    • Please send money directly to our Skrill email: or Skrill ID: 48864395

      ► Steam Wallet Code

      • There is 25% extra fee when you pay with Steam Wallet Code / Gift Card
      • Send your steam wallet code to our email:

        ► Steam Skins

        • There is 30% extra fee when you pay in Steam Skins
        • We only use 1 steam account for trading items: @VikingDota™
        • Send your items to our steam account for payment: Trade Link

          ► Bank Transfer (Vietnamese)

          • Vietcombank (VCB)
          • Chủ tài khoản: NGUYỄN LÊ HOÀNG
          • Số tài khoản: 0451000238925
          • Chi nhánh: Sở giao dịch