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Dota 2 Courses

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Meet the team

Instruction & Guarantee

What we do?

Our structured curriculum and highly experienced coaches will help you gain the skills and confidence to dominate your bracket.

What you gain?

You'll develop the game sense and mechanics of elite players, executing strategies like a pro. Perfect for new and experienced players alike looking to improve MMR, win more games, and have more fun playing Dota 2. Our coaches will analyze your replays, identify areas for improvement, and work with you 1-on-1 to help you unlock your potential.


Become the Dota 2 player you've always wanted to be with our Dota 2 Coaching Courses! Our expert coaches will unlock your full potential with personalized training tailored to your skill level and goals.
  • 1-on-1 sessions with a top-ranked Dota 2 coach
  • Learn from pro players with in-depth coaching with tutorials covering mechanics, strategy, drafting, and more
  • Improve your skills rapidly with personalized training plans tailored to your hero pool and playstyle
  • Analyze your replays to identify and correct mistakes holding you back from ranking up
  • Learn high-level strategies from the pros
  • Improve mechanics, drafting, and decision making
  • Gain a competitive edge with advanced tips, tricks, and meta insights direct from the pros

How to get coaching?

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