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Archon I | MMR: 2430 - Behavior: 9940
Archon V | MMR: 3010 - Behavior: 9820
Save $4
Uncalibrated | MMR: TBD - Behavior: 8640
Uncalibrated | MMR: TBD - Behavior: 9193
Uncalibrated | MMR: TBD - Behavior: 9382
Ancient II | MMR: 4090 - Behavior: 8645
Ancient I | MMR: 3860 - Behavior: 9800
Ancient I | MMR: 3870 - Behavior: 8703
Ancient IV | MMR: 4260 - Behavior: 6291
Ancient V | MMR: 4430 - Behavior: 10000
Divine I | MMR: 4670 - Behavior: 10000
Divine III | MMR: 5120 - Behavior: 7091
Guardian II | MMR: 980 - Behavior: 9853
Divine II | MMR: 4900 - Behavior: 10000
For CollectorLimited Skins
Divine II | MMR: 4860 - Behavior: 9176
Limited SkinsSave $45
Divine II | MMR: 4920 - Behavior: 9542
Divine V | MMR: 5540 - Behavior: 10000
Limited SkinsBattle Pass TI10
Immortal | MMR: 5530 - Behavior: 8615

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Save $9.70
Lucky Bundle (4 Arcanas)
Dota 2 Lucky Bundle (4 Arcanas)
From $89.50 $99.20
Sold out
Bladeform Legacy
Dota 2 Bladeform Legacy
Sold out
Manifold Paradox
Dota 2 Manifold Paradox
Sold out
Good Price
Demon Eater
Dota 2 Demon Eater
Sold out
Scorching Talon
Dota 2 Scorching Talon
Sold out

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VikingDOTA must be no stranger to Dota 2 players from amateur and professional around the world. 5 years of testing and never-ending development, our VikingDOTA from a group of few professional players has become a large company with 42 employees.

There's a reason more and more customers prefer VikingDOTA over our competitors. We are literally "leagues above the rest" when it comes to providing MMR Accounts & MMR services. Our motto is Better Gaming Experience, we always strives to change to become more complete and friendly with users. Because your happiness and satisfaction are the motivation for us to constantly try.

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New QOP Arcana is released - The Eminence of Ristul

New QOP Arcana is released - The Eminence of Ristul

The Eminence of Ristul is HERE! https://www.dota2.com/eminenceofristul Eminence of Ristul New Model New Base Items New Animations Royal Decree Alt...
The International 10 Battle Pass

The International 10 Battle Pass

Battle Pass
The International Battle Pass has arrived, ready to fill your summer with the epic trappings of Dota and unveil an overflowing vault of seasonal fe...
Tomorrow? Battle Pass TI10?

Tomorrow? Battle Pass TI10?

The International 2020 Battle Pass is a tournament pass and features bundle made for The International 2020. It is similar to past compendiums and ...

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[Update] New Order Tracking system is on live

[Update] New Order Tracking system is on live

Hi guys, We have just updated new tracking system which help you keep track of your order easier. Now you don't need to remember the secret code to...
[Update] Activate Phone Number for All Dota 2 Accounts

[Update] Activate Phone Number for All Dota 2 Accounts

Hi guys, Have a good day.  We have some good news for you guys. After a long time researching and completing, started from this Jun 2020, all of ou...
[Jobs] We are hiring - Dota 2 US Boosters

[Jobs] We are hiring - Dota 2 US Boosters

💥 RECRUITMENT: DOTA 2 BOOSTERS 💥 We are a 6 years company working on Dota 2 Boosting service and now we need to recruit some US boosters for our te...