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Dota 2 Replay Live Analyzing

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Replays are an essential part of the journey to become a better player. The same way NBA stars watch tapes to get better, Dota players watch replays, analyze them to increase their skill, knowledge, and MMR.


You don't need to record your own game, our coach will take care of it. We will also select the best coach for your needs, based on the required MMR.
Our flow is composed by 4 simple steps:
  • Step 1: You submit a request for a replay to be analyzed by our selected coach based on MMR
  • Step 2: Our professional coach responds to your request and starts the analysis
  • Step 3: Coach reviews your game based on your replay
  • Step 4: We will contact you through your email or Discord, then our coach will join you in the Discord call to show you the result of the Replay Analysis. 

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