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  • The Weekend Battle Cup is a weekly amateur tournament, runs automatically in the Dota 2 client. 
  • Our Battle Cup Service is to help you win a battle cup and all event rewards.
  • We have 8-10 teams playing Battle Cup every weekend on SEA server
  • ​Our 7k - 8k MMR boosters will play in your account with other boosters to win you the battle cup on Saturday every week.
  • We will send you a full refund or win you next week battle cup if we lose the battle cup this week.​

    Players who win a tournament will earn:

    • 20,000 shards for battle cup winner
    • A special Battle Cup Trophy and chat badge.
    • Prestige profile description detailing victories and streaks (for one week).
    • Seven exclusive emoticons (for one week).
    • An exclusive Battle Cup effigy.

      Q: How to order?
      A: Select your tier and boosting options, then add to cart and checkout.

      Q: How to check my account Tier?
      A: Log in Dota 2, click Play Now, click Battle Cup then you will see it (picture)

      Q: When is my order started?
      A: We play the tournament every Saturday it would be best to order a few days earlier.

      Q: Is my steam item protected?
      A: Yes, you can keep your steam guard and mobile authenticator on.


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