Legend V | MMR: 3530 - Behavior: 8015

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  • Previous Rank Medal: Ancient
  • Current Rank Medal: Legend V
  • Behavior Score: 8015
  • Level: 100
  • Main Roles: Support/ Mid Lane
  • Main Heroes: Earthshaker, Alchemist, Techies
  • Win-rate: 53% (2412/4617)
  • Commends: 9070
  • First Match: 12/30/2016
  • Hours played: 4632
  • Phone Number: Activated (From Jun 2020, all Dota 2 accounts will have activated phone number & our clients can instantly play ranked match right after purchase. Read more)
  • Steam Features: Activated
  • Misc: ES Arcana, Axe Unleashed set, Clinkz Maraxiform bundle, Invoker persona, Lion Hell-spar Anathema + Fin King charm of Emiment Revival, Kunkka's Whale Blade of Emiment Revival, SF's Souls Tyrant + Diabolical Fiend, Tiny Majesty of the Colossus bundle, TI8 + TI9 collector sets, Immortals, etc.

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