Legend IV | MMR: 3440 - Behavior: 9725

Limited SkinsFull TI 9 Sets

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  • Previous Rank Medal: Uncalibrated
  • Current Rank Medal: Legend IV
  • Behavior Score: 9725
  • Level: 109
  • Main Roles: Safelane
  • Main Heroes: Mirana, PA, Juggernaut
  • Win-rate: 50% (2551/5099)
  • Commends: 8295
  • First Match: 3/25/2016
  • Hours played: 7165
  • Phone Number: Not Activated (You need to add phone number to play ranked games)
  • Steam Features: Activated
  • Dota Battlepass Level:
    • TI.9 Lvl.2064
    • TI.6 Lvl.120
  • Dota Exclusive Set: 
    • TI9 Sets of: BS, Drow, SF, Tide, Necro, Enigma, Warlock, Venom, WK, DP, DK, Clock, Brood, Batrider, Slark, Undying, Tusk, Abbadon, Pangolier, Grimstroke
    • TI6 Sets of: Sven, WW, Arc Warden
    • Dota+ Sets of: MK, CM, Lion, CW, Medusa
  • Misc: Immortals, Sven, Ursa, Dazzle Unlocked Jungle Sets, Steam Lvl.45

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