Here are 3 reasons you should not miss out our Coaching Sessions:

State-of-the-art learning method

  • State-of-the-art systems will help you track your learning progress and evaluate how far you have come by providing detailed stats of your skills (farming, juking, moving, etc…), suggest what skill you can be better at and compare your stats before/after each lesson. The machine will assist you and your coaches throughout the training course.

100% Satisfied experience

  • Coaches are pros, immortals or leaderboard-ranked from every server, equipped with our secret training program, specifically designed for you, guarantee there will be a lot for you to learn from them. Our coaches are well trained, committed to the lessons and will try their best to completely deliver your courses. Nothing can stop you from learning with us, except for the world’s end.

Life-time value

  • What happens after the courses are done? Of course you are always welcome to be back for more training with us (we will have huge discount promo for you). If you think the training is enough, don’t worry! Our loyalty program will help get discounts for other services here. Our coaches will also update the latest updates/meta of the game and send to you regularly.