We have 3 tiers for coaches:

  • Coach B tier: Expert Mostly new recruits of our team. They are pro players who have passions, skills, knowledge and experiences of being on top. Now they are looking for a new experience of being a teacher. These coaches are believed to bring a fresh touch to the game. For some cases, they are not fully prepared and might take a while to come up with solutions
  • Coach A tier: Master These coaches are familiar with different types of students and know how to deal with each one of them. They can point out your mistakes, show you how to get better and introduce several helpful exercises. The Master coaches are well prepared to tackle common mistakes. If you are training with a Master Coach, you are in good hands
  • Coach S tier: Grandmaster Foresee the mistakes, predict bad habits, anticipate wrong decisions; those are what a grandmaster coach is capable of. They have been doing coaching long enough to know and correct you before things go wrong. The grandmaster coaches also experienced enough to meet all kinds of situations and overcome them. You should be training with a Grandmaster if you want to climb higher ranks (Divine+) or even go pro.