Viking Esports 2.0: A Better Experience

This is a short message to invite you to join a brand new Discord server I created for this community. 

Our old server, Viking Esports Community, Has been reported by bystanders/organizations who reported our server for fraud, thieves, and micro-transacting, which we're not! I've been tracking and appealing the discord decision but do not hold high hopes that this will be a one-and-done one. Many people dislike us & organizations that envy us are a ton. But after this, we will build back stronger than before. I've also taken a look at Discord TOS and am willing to apply the same thing I learned to our new server. The New Server will only be focusing on:

  • The Help Center (Helping & Resolving Tickets)
  • Tracking Order (Helping customers track the orders over the server)
  • No more Marketplace (So no more selling, or buying on Discord which I think is why we got hit with Discord Official, we will only help people in our community)

On the new server, we'll have regular discussions on all-thing Dota related, and some time to answer your technical questions, polls, and other surprises that we're still working on.

Feel free to contribute to our new server, we will be focusing on building this platform again stronger than before.

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