Solution Found: Risk-Free for our Dota 2 Accounts & Services


Our dear customers & reader alike, on 2nd of September, Valve released an Dota 2 Update titled "Smurfing is Not Welcome in Dota" with over 90K Accounts banned for smurfing, account trading,etc.

This obsticle really strucked Viking for the first time at the beginning of the day for many of our accounts was in affected because of this changes and announcement Valve made. To show our commitment to our customers, we've exchanged over 150+ accounts that was affected by the ban wave to our customers, helping them continue to enjoy their Dota 2 matches.

From statistic point of view, most of the account we exchanged was inside Normal Account bracket, our Premium Accounts and Exclusive Accounts bracket almost didn't take a hit at all, because most of our accounts were never smurf-based but more of player based quality. And It was worth it to the end for our customers are happy as they can continue to play in another similar account of what they had bought.

Not only that, we also found a solution to somewhat tuning down the seriousness of the situation given by Valve. Ever since we uses this method on our account, our account has never been flagged as smurf account, banned for one year of participate ranked mode. Or the worst of them all, been banned forever by Valve.

Starting 5th of September, we're glad to announce our Viking's Dota 2 accounts are safe to use, upon purchasing the account, you will also receive an instruction exclusive to you on how to use our method for yourself, so you can also keep the account safely without getting flagged by Valve.

Our instruction video's thumbnail

The video will cover pretty much anything you need to know about what you need to do, and what should you do when you have finally logged into the account. It's an all in one package to help release the tension between you and your newly brought account from Viking. And if you're worries you might mess it up somehow, please contact us via Livechat or go to to create a ticket, we will gladly help you out on your problem from there.

To celebrate this achievement, we're also updating our warranty package to beffiting the situations given by Valve more than anything. You can check our update policy here. In short, if the account was banned from Viking's side, we'll send you a full refund or exchange a similar account at the price range & bracket of your previous, we're fully commited to this new policy to help you all enjoy the beauty of Dota 2.

Viking New Policy

Not only that, if you're interested in our Dota 2 services but worry about the ban wave by Valve, worries not, for our service never took a hit by any of the ban waves, including the recent Smurf-ban by Valve. Our Pro Players has been playing and finishing order days by days after the update. We admit, some of the account were flagged by Valve, but by following Viking's strict handybook and ruleset since 2019, the amount of orders are being completed by us are still increasing daily because they were never a big deals to us to begin with. 

That's everything I wanted to share with you today, I hope this new bring you the same joy that we felt when we first discover this neat trick to finally help you on your journey to play Dota 2 on the rank that suit your skillset more than anything.

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