How to receive your Cache Set/Arcana from our Secret Bag event?

As we prepare to usher in the Lunar New Year, a time of joy, reflection, and new beginnings, VikingDOTA is delighted to join the celebrations with an all-new event that lasts from February 2nd to March 1st, 2024, The New Bloom Event.

State within our latest blog post, we're ever so eager to receive words from our participants that some have claimed the code for a free Cache or even an Arcana! Congratulations to those anonymous participants who have kindly received the prize from the Official Steam Profile/Distributors a-like. 

But while we're on the topic, many participants didn't know how to claim their prize/reward for participating in the event, those have been messages and instructions on how to claim the reward for themselves. VikingDOTA sees this as an obstruction that may block the joy of our participants and be quick to action to create this simple blog post to help out in the foreseeable future.

What to do after you've received your Cache/Arcana code on the New Bloom Event?

First, we congratulate those who are lucky enough to receive our highest prize for the event. The code you've received is a discount code that you can use for your order with a 5% Discount, it works and functions just like our automated discount (Also excluding Skin Markets orders).

To claim your Cache/Arcana, we encourage everyone to use the code right away for any of VikingDOTA's current running services so that we can register you as a winner of whatever prize you've won. You can purchase any service, even our lowest to offer at the moment to sign yourself among the lucky ones.

After that, we at Viking will send out an email congratulating you along with the profile of our distributors or our Viking Official Profile for the prize.

Note: This is the only way for our system to recognize you as a winner. You can consult with a supporter/moderator over our LiveChat/Discord Ticket for a service you should purchase to receive your prize.

What are VikingDOTA's Arcana/Cache Sets that you might have won?

Transparency is what we at VikingDOTA deem important to our customers, henceforth this was created to fill this gap in our latest blog post, we'll also send you a screenshot of our randomize program as proof of what you've won. Without further ado, here's our list of the prizes you'll receive following your order.

Viking List of Cache Sets:

 DotagiftX :: Listings for Primeval Abomination
Primeval Abomination
Astral Herald – VikingDOTA Astral Herald
DotagiftX :: Listings for Spectral Shadow Spectral Shadow
D2Set - Trang web bán đồ trong game DOTA2 Taur Rider
D2Set - Trang web bán đồ trong game DOTA2 Crescent Huntress
D2Set - Trang web bán đồ trong game DOTA2 Tyrant of the Veil
DotagiftX :: Listings for Tomo'kan Footsoldier Tomo'kan Footsoldier
D2Set - Trang web bán đồ trong game DOTA2 Darkwood Eulogy
D2Set - Trang web bán đồ trong game DOTA2 Sea Spirit
DotagiftX :: Listings for Triumph of the Imperatrix Triumph of the Imperatrix
D2Set - Trang web bán đồ trong game DOTA2 Beast of Thunder
DotagiftX :: Listings for Ancestral Heritage Ancestral Heritage
DotagiftX :: Listings for Dezun Vipe Dezun Viper
Viking List of Arcana:
Dota 2 Heroes: Shadow Fiend beginners guide • WePlay!
Demon Eater
The Bladeform Legacy Wallpaper - DOTA 2 Game Wallpapers Gallery
Bladeform Legacy
DOTA2: Trang phục Arcana SIÊU ĐẸP của Rubick trong mùa Giáng sinh
The Magus Cypher

These exclusive discount codes are valid for a limited time, so don't miss the chance to usher in the new year with savings. Happy shopping and Happy New Year!

    May the Year of the Dragon bring you courage, strength, and prosperity! 🛍️🎆! 🛍️🎊

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