CALIBRATION SERVICE - Queue & Waiting Time

Due to the large amount of re-calibration orders, we aren't able to process your order as fast as usual. You have to wait:

  • 12-24 hours for 10 solo TBD calibrated if you already pre-ordered
  • 24-48 hours if you order calibration service in 1st day of new season
  • At least 48 hours if you order calibration service in 2nd day or later.
  • 3 days if your last season medal was Immortal TOP 1000 or higher and you didn't pre-order.
  • You have to wait extra 24 hours if you order calibration service on server: US, EU. We are doing it better and faster on AUS or SEA servers.

We always guarantee the winrate (70-100%) and we always try to do our best to deliver best result for customers. So no worries, your patience worth it!

Our live supporter also won't be able to reply you fast on website, but please be patient. We will text back to you within 30 mins and process your order via email or live chat!