MMR: Solo 4213 | Party 3849

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Sold out
  • Level: 67
  • Main Roles: OFFLANE
  • Main Heroes: Earth Shaker, Nyx Assassin, Mirana, Axe
  • Win-rate: 53% (1524/2885)
  • Commends: 314
  • First Match: 10/3/2014
  • Hours played: 3077
  • Other Features:
    • Steam Level: 3
    • Steam User Type: Limited
    • Community Market: Not Activated

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Daniel C.
United States
Don't buy from these guys. Total scam

Over all, I bought one of their accounts, 2 weeks after I got this account the original owner reclaimed his account and this is what steam sent me, "Because you didn�۪t originally create this account you will no longer be able to use it. Steam accounts are not transferable between users per our Steam Subscriber Agreement. I understand you may not have known about this policy, however, we can only assist the original owner of the account." They took my money and so far, hasn't replied back about this issue. More so, I e-mailed a NGUYEN LE HOANG who was the merchant and he sent me this, "What are you talking about bro? If you have problem, tell us and we can solve it for you. You acted as a kid :( haiz." After I told him what happened to the account. This company is a scam company out of Vietnam and Thailand.

Daniel C.
Scam company

Pretty much I purchased this exact account and 2-3 weeks after I bought it, they reclaimed the account and will not respond back to my e-mails. I've tried contacting them on facebook, whats app, and e-mail. One of the merchant said I was acting like a kid and told me not to report it to steam due to them banning the account, eventually I went to steam and I'm pretty sure this account will be banned.

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