You can sell your Dota 2 Account here: Sell Your Account

1. You need to have an account on our website to sell your Dota 2 accounts. Create a website account at top right corner. If you already have our website account, login first.

2. Click on "1. Info & Payment", then update your information. Every info is required, including the photos. There are a few important points to note:

  • ID document: We ONLY BUY ACCOUNT FROM VERIFIED SELLER, so we need your ID document’s images.
  • Selfie image: Please be sure your face and all the text are clearly visible. You have to write VikingDOTA & Current Date in a paper, you MUST FOLLOW THIS EXAMPLE

Read more about seller verification here.

3. Click on "3. Sell now", fill in all the information, account with full information will be easier to check. You can see the Price of the account, if you agree with that Price, click Submit.

4. Our supporters will check your account information, then we will contact you in 24-72 hours.

5. If all your information is exactly, we will change your account information and pay you in 24h through your payment account.

How to track the account progress

1. Login to the website account.

2. Click on "All Accounts" and check the progress.

3. If you need to send any message to the account manager, click on "Send Message" and send it.

Note: sometime the page is blank because it's either not loaded yet or because of Google Chrome bug. So if you wait for awhile and the page not loaded, check if you login yet and try to change to another browser like Edge, Firefox, etc...