(Selling Account Page: vikingdota.com/sellacc)

1. Firstly, you need to fill in 2 fields: MMR and Conduct. Then you will see your account price. 
(Write TBD if your account is not calibrated) 

2. If you agree with the Price, please fill in all other information fields (all fields are required). There are a few important points to note:

  • Original Email: You must provide to us your account original email.
  • Contact Email & Facebook link: Please give us the email and facebook that you usually use, so we can contact you easily.
  • ID document: We only buy account from verified seller, so we need your ID document’s images.
  • Images: Please be sure your face and all the text are clearly visible (see picture below for example).

3. Click Submit

4. After submitting, you will receive our confirmation email via your contact email.
5. Our supporters will check your account information, then we will contact you after we have the result.
6. If all your information is exactly, we will change your account information and pay you in 24h through your payment account.