Hello seller,

We know that lots of you want to start selling your accounts. Although many of your info didn't meet our requirements to be verified. Therefore, here is the guide on how to verify your own seller account.

To be a verified-seller, you need to fulfill the below info: on www.vikingdota.com/pages/seller-page

1. Basic info:

  • Full name (as written on personal paper/ID)
  • Nickname (if you have any)
  • Contact email (make sure it is working)
  • Facebook / Discord (use as alternate contact channel)
  • Phone Number
  • Address (matched with the proof of residence below)

2. Personal paper photo (choose 1 type of personal paper):

  • Passport
  • National Identity Card (both front and back side of your ID card)
  • Driver license

The photo(s) need to be clear, easy to read, no blur, no missing edge, no editing, showing full name, date of birth, issued/expiry date (if have)

3. Proof of residence photo (choose 1 type of bill):

  • Phone/Internet bill
  • Ultility bill
  • Bank statement (you have to go to the bank to get it)

The photo(s) need to be clear, easy to read, no blur, no missing edge, no editing, showing your full name and date of payment. Date of payment need to be no longer than 3 months from now.

4. Selfie with personal paper:

  • Selfie with your personal paper in no.2 section and verification note (a hand written paper with "VikingDOTA" and date of picture taken on it) in your hand.

The selfie need to be clear, full face, no blur, showing the verification note with "VikingDOTA" and date of picture taken clearly.


  • Make sure that all of the requirement are met, because if you can't submit the correct info twice, you will be rejected.
  • Also seller who didn't submit the required info in 3 days from when we start verifying will be rejected to.
  • After being rejected, if you want to be verify again, please contact our support team at info@vikingdota.com.

For any additional assistance, please contact us through info@vikingdota.com.