CrownFall Completion

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  • In celebrating Crownfall's Update, commemorating the various missions, stories, and occasional candies found on the path of Dota 2’s most recent update.
  • Winning a Dota game with specific heroes will grant you story progression containing types of the various tokens found scattered in the maps tied to Dragonus & Shendelzare's rebellious story against the throne.
  • All you need to do is keep winning Dota 2's challenge until you’ve come to the finish line of the act.

How does it work?

  • We understand that it takes much time to play the map & not everyone can win a game with some specific heroes.
  • For this service, we will focus on helping you achieve all the road, gain all the rewards & get to the Finish line as fast as possible.

You will gain:

  • Candy Sack: For a chance to win an Arcana for free!
  • Treasure: Free Treasure I, II & Doubledown MMR Token & More!
  • Crownfall Coin: Trade Crownfall Coin for $7.99 Discount on the store!
  • Style Unlocks: Exclusive Immortals & Unlock Set Styles!
  • Various Miscellaneous Items: Exclusive Loading Screen, Emoticon & Sprays!
  • Event Games: Unlock various limited-timed Mini-Games throughout story Progression & Encounter!

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