We are looking for Dota 2 Partners !

VikingDOTA is constantly expanding our product and service range, and to meet this goal we have planned to spend more money on marketing in order to sell more Dota 2 Accounts on our website in the near future. We are currently looking for partners who are able to supply at least 20+ Dota 2 Accounts per month.

We've completed the new system for partners to help them:

- Upload accounts directly to our website with custom price.

- Control the revenue, issue rate, lost rate, number of sold our accounts by your own.

- Withdraw money after sold out easily.

& more...

We have 4 tiers of partner, there are: New Partner, Official Partner, VIP Partner & V.VIP Partner. Full information will be sent to partner after we review the partner's profile.

Interested partnership may contact us at hoangle@vikingesports.com by providing your company / personal profile and background for review. Thank you.


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