VikingEsports x G2G: Credit prmotion, up to 10% bonus.

Dear customers,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your understanding because of the payment gateway problem on our website in the past 1 month. Everything is stable now and we are back to business as usual.

We are pleased to announce a new promotion, up to 10% bonus for buying Credits at G2G. The promotions are as follows:

- Buy $50 USD Store Credit, get 100 bonus Credits (Total Received Credits: 5,100)

- Buy $100 USD Store Credit, get 300 bonus Credits (Total Received Credits: 10,300)

- Buy $200 USD Store Credit, get 1,000 bonus Credits (Total Received Credits: 21,000)

- Buy $500 USD Store Credit, get 4,000 bonus Credits (Total Received Credits: 54,000)

- Buy $1,000 USD Store Credit, get 10,000 bonus Credits (Total Received Credits: 110,000)

Note: This promotion is only for clients who buy Credits on

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Finally, let us thank you for using VikingDOTA's service. Hope you have a great experience here.

From VikingTEAM with love <3


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🔰 Билeтик had been invited #<AnyDigit><AnyDigit><AnyDigit> Забрать >> 🔰


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