[TI 10] Unlock all untradable sets before the Battle Pass expires

Our dear customers,

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Battle Pass owners have the option to get 3 limited sets from Cavern Crawl maps. You have to play all heroes in Cavern Crawl Maps to unlock Style 1, 2, 3 of: Tellurian Trespass Set, The Age of Gilded Worship Set, Echoes of Ultoria Set for Slark, Spirit Breaker and Nyx Assassin.

As you know, the Battle Pass will be expired on Sep 19th, 2020. We are giving 20% discount for our Cavern Crawl Exploring service to help people unlock all untradable sets before BP is expired.

  • The 20% discount code will be applied automatically when you purchase Cavern Crawl service
  • Discount code: CAVERN20OFF

Time: From 27/08/2020 to 19/09/2020
Service: Cavern Crawl Exploring

We understand that it takes much time to play the map & not everyone can win a game with all heroes. That's why we have this service to help you unlock the Cavern Crawl maps and get you limited set.

Let's us help you get all limited sets for this TI 10 season!

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