[Dota 2] New Option & Extra MMR for DuoQ Rank Up

Our dear friends,

Hope you to have a nice week.

Our TI10 Battle Pass Promotion and the EXTRA Game(s) Win for Double Down Services are still running. Did you buy your favorite service for this Battle Pass season yet?

Besides these 2 promotions, we try to extend more offers for you to experience also our most favorite service - Dota 2 Duo Queue Rank Up

New promotion for this special month - BONUS MMR for BOOSTING MMR order:

  • Boost 200 MMR get extra 20 MMR
  • Boost 300 MMR get extra 40 MMR
  • Boost 500 MMR get extra 80 MMR
  • Boost 1000 MMR get extra 200 MMR

Time: From Oct 1st to Oct 10th, 2020

There is a new option calling "Duo With 2 Boosters" (+10% extra) that will make you game experience better. 2 of our boosters will join your party and increase MMR with you :D

We guarantee that you will not regret using our services. Also, we still waiting for your recommendations and feedbacks to become more perfect.


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