Crownfall Act II: All new quests and rewards

The second chapter of Crownfall - Act II: The Deserts of Druud - has arrived! A new map of the Main Quest is here, with new Side Quests, encounters, and tokens. But most importantly, the second chapter presents a new set of rewards to grab! Read more to find out.

Crownfall Act II Main Quest map

Crownfall Act II provides an entirely new map for the Main Quest. We also need a different set of tokens to unlock each path. Previously the tokens were names like Nuker, Healer, and Melee. Now the tokens describe a different aspect of heroes: Undead, Demon, Universal, and more.

Similarly to the previous Crownfall chapter, this map also provides two Side Quests that are locked behind a paywall. You can unlock these Side Quests by purchasing the Druud Pathfinder Packs.

The first Side Quest is called The Ruins of Barzum, in which you can earn two Crownfall treasures at the end. The second Side Quest is called The Broken Belt, in which you can earn Centaur Warrunner's Immortal piece and a Crownfall Treasure.

Throughout the Main Quest, you can also collect Scraps and you'll stumble across a Scrap encounter. This is a new element in Crownfall that wasn't added in the first chapter. Six pieces of Scrap can be traded at the Token Trader for any Act II hero token of your choice!

Other than that, you'll still get to access the Candyworks Caravan, earn candies, and coins, and even play the fishing game!

All rewards available in Act II

Now on to the best part. What cosmetics and funny hats can we get from this new chapter? Don't worry, there are a variety of rewards you can grab!

Here's a list of rewards available in Crownfall Act II:

  • Crownfall Treasure I
  • Crownfall Treasure II
  • Crownfall Treasure III
  • Showcase Decorations x35
  • Crownfall Store Coin x22
  • MMR Doubledown Tokens
  • Crownfall Candy Sack x42
  • Crownfall Act II Loading Screen Treasure
  • Griffin Knight Bundle (Dragon Knight's set, main quest reward)
  • Crownfall Act II Completionist medal
  • Griffin Knight - Toxic Frostburn Helm
  • Griffin Knight - Toxic Frostburn Shield (Pathfinder)
  • Griffin Knight - Toxic Frostburn Weapon (Pathfinder)
  • Centaur Warrunner's Immortal (Pathfinder)
  • Effigy Block of Omexe (Pathfinder)
  • Encounters in Dota 2 Crownfall Act II

    Encounters will help you get through the overworld map (Image via Valve)Encounters will help you get through the overworld map (Image via Valve)

    There are 10 encounters in Act II and they are as follows: 

    • Scrap Merchant
    • A Mysterious Cave
    • Questing Hearts
    • Candyworks Caravan
    • Oasis Fishing
    • Snapfire's Secret Recipe
    • Bat Racer
    • Strange Vendor (Pathfinder encounter)
    • The Omexe Daily Duel (Pathfinder encounter)

    Trade Scrap at the Oglodi shop (Scrap Merchant) for Act II Tokens. Six Scrap can be traded for a Token of your choice. Every unranked and ranked match will grant you two pieces of Scrap, while turbo matches will reward you with one Scrap.

    Pathfinder encounters are accessible only after purchasing the Druud Pathfinder Pack to obtain the Pathfinder Tokens. The Ruins of Barzum and The Broken Belt are the two side quests in Crownfall Act II.

    Token management in Dota 2 Crownfall Act II The Deserts of Druud

    Trade the collected Scrap to earn Tokens (Image via Valve)
    Trade the collected Scrap to earn Tokens (Image via Valve)

    Act I Tokens cannot be used in Act II, so you must grind from the start of the Deserts of Druud to earn a substantial amount of Tokens. Avoid playing turbo matches if you plan on grinding, as you will receive no Tokens for a loss in this mode. Instead, focus on normal or ranked pubs to earn more regardless of a loss.

    Or you can always come by our updated Crownfall Service and give yourself an upheap amount of time to enjoy the Dota 2 7.36 Patch without worrying about grinding or not having enough time to finalize Act I and Act II.

    Either way, we are as excited as ever whenever New Patches Dropped. We hope you all enjoy learning Dota "3" as Gaben Intended. 

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