AccGamer, our steady accounts delivery project to deliver you all the gaming account within 10s


We have Genshin Impact, Wild Rift, Valorant, Summoner Wars and you guess it, Dota 2. All this accounts are constantly updating on stocks, exclusively news and so much more, you can check it out now here:


There's a reason more and more customers prefer AccGamer over our competitors. We are literally "leagues above the rest" when it comes to providing ranked accounts. Our motto is “Start your gaming journey in 10s”, we always strives to change to become more complete and friendly with users. Because your happiness and satisfaction are the motivation for us to constantly try. .Other platforms require you to wait 10 - 60 minutes to get your accounts after the payment is checked. Our system is fully automated. Once you have made your payment, the accounts will be downloadable right away.


Anything happens to your bought accounts? Don’t worry, we got your back. We guarantee to help you recover your bought accounts as many times as you want and/or trade you new similar accounts if something wrong is caused by us. 


We have supporters around the world, available for all timezones and fluent in English. In addition, we also adopt a smart bot to assist you during your journey with us. We promise to be the best companion you need.

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