[Dota 2] Buy 2 GET 1 FREE - Only for Partner in Crime
💢 Tired of “toxic” mates who curse miscellaneous?

💢 Matching with “feeder” who wants to destroy the game?

💢 Or just get mad with “useless” mates who just do-nothing in the whole match?

Don’t worry because VikingDOTA is here to help you!!!

“PARTNER IN CRIME”- our experts (6,000 - 8,000 MMR players) will join your team and become your desired mate(s):
✅ Any Role: Be a true support covering your lane or a strong core player that you can count on.
✅ Any Mode: Ranked, Low priority matches, … even Ability Draft FOR FUN.
✅ Any Mission: Be part of your team for the Battle cup, get a cool icon for ingame name.
✅ Any Idea: Following your hero picks or Creating some ultimate strat to play so we can enjoy the game.
✅ Any Request: Anything you want, just tell us and we will make it come true.

WIth a professional boosters team, we are committed to bringing you very new and extraordinary gaming experiences.

🛒 Try it now!! ➡️ www.vikingdota.com/products/partner-in-crime

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