Ranked Medal Update
  • Each medal ranking is divided into six tiers, from zero to five stars.
  • Medals are earned based on the highest skill level obtained during the season. A medal cannot decrease in rank.
  • Medals are retired at the end of each season and displayed next to the new medal for the next season.
  • Medals are visible to all players.
  • Both solo and party ranked MMR is considered when determining medal ranks. Solo MMR plays a larger role.
  • Ancient and Divine ranks can only be earned through solo MMR.
  • Players who achieve five-stars on Divine rank will have their medal displayed on the leaderboards, and their leaderboard ranking displayed in-game underneath the medal.
  • The MMR rankings below are rough estimations that do not take the combination of solo and party MMRs into consideration. Valve does not use a single fixed number when determining medal rank.
    SeasonalRank1-0.png SeasonalRank1-1.png SeasonalRank1-2.png SeasonalRank1-3.png SeasonalRank1-4.png SeasonalRank1-5.png
    0 MMR 140 MMR 280 MMR 420 MMR 560 MMR 700 MMR
    SeasonalRank2-0.png SeasonalRank2-1.png SeasonalRank2-2.png SeasonalRank2-3.png SeasonalRank2-4.png SeasonalRank2-5.png
    840 MMR 980 MMR 1120 MMR 1260 MMR 1400 MMR 1540 MMR
    SeasonalRank3-0.png SeasonalRank3-1.png SeasonalRank3-2.png SeasonalRank3-3.png SeasonalRank3-4.png SeasonalRank3-5.png
    1680 MMR 1820 MMR 1960 MMR 2100 MMR 2240 MMR 2380 MMR
    SeasonalRank4-0.png SeasonalRank4-1.png SeasonalRank4-2.png SeasonalRank4-3.png SeasonalRank4-4.png SeasonalRank4-5.png
    2520 MMR 2660 MMR 2800 MMR 2940 MMR 3080 MMR 3220 MMR
    SeasonalRank5-0.png SeasonalRank5-1.png SeasonalRank5-2.png SeasonalRank5-3.png SeasonalRank5-4.png SeasonalRank5-5.png
    3360 MMR 3500 MMR 3640 MMR 3780 MMR 3920 MMR 4060 MMR
    SeasonalRank6-0.png SeasonalRank6-1.png SeasonalRank6-2.png SeasonalRank6-3.png SeasonalRank6-4.png SeasonalRank6-5.png
    4200 MMR 4340 MMR 4480 MMR 4620 MMR 4760 MMR 4900 MMR
    SeasonalRank7-0.png SeasonalRank7-1.png SeasonalRank7-2.png SeasonalRank7-3.png SeasonalRank7-4.png SeasonalRank7-5.png
    5040 MMR 5180 MMR 5320 MMR 5460 MMR 5600 MMR 5740 MMR


    Top rankings
    • Players who achieve top division rankings on the regional Leaderboards will earn special five-star Divine medals.
    Divine 5 Stars
    SeasonalRankTop1.png SeasonalRankTop2.png SeasonalRankTop3.png
    Listed on Leaderboards Top 100 Top 10
    - Gold rank number Gold rank number + Particle effect
    Divine eliteDivine top 10Divine top 100Dota 2Dota 2 medalSeasonal rankedUpdate