OG.SEED ! What's up guys

OG.SEED line up

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 5 người, mọi người đang cười, văn bản

🇸🇪 @ChessieDota
🇬🇷 @MadaraDotA2
🇫🇮 @Peksudota
🇸🇪 @Xibbe
🇺🇸 @coL_Zfreek

OG updated their new project team with the name .SEED . Not so new players, but with this move, OG will make them more than new. Along with Nigma, OG.SEED will be the second new team of this week. Dont know what coming new by the end of 2019, we already have new patch, new teams, looking forward for more.