Major Changes For The DPC
After the conclusion of TI10, the Minors will be a thing of the past. The year will feature just three Majors, down from the five Majors that's been the standard for the last two seasons. The extra room in the schedule will still be full of Dota, however. Valve will work with tournament organizers to implement a two-tiered regional league system. The decrease in the number of Majors will allow these leagues to run over a longer period of time. The leagues will, most likely, start as online leagues. However, as tournament organizers can bid on running these leagues, there is a possibility of transitioning to a LAN format in the future.

The regional leagues will primarily act as Major qualifiers. League placement, as well as Major placement, will influence the amount of DPC points a team is awarded. The regions will be divided as they currently are — North America, South America, Europe, CIS, Southeast Asia, and China — but the number of teams per league is still to be decided.

In true Valve fashion, this system will be open for anyone. However, climbing to the top will take longer than before due to the addition of a promotion/relegation system. New teams may only directly qualify for the Tier 2 league to start off with. The lowest-placing teams of the Tier 2 league will be removed from the league and will have to play open qualifiers to reclaim their spot. Meanwhile, the top two teams of the Tier 2 league will be promoted to the Tier 1 league and the bottom two teams of the Tier 1 league will be relegated to Tier 2.

The goal of this system is to provide stability for established teams while still allowing new teams to climb their way up the ladder. Our sources tell us that there are plans for a prize pool for the regional leagues, but at this point in time the size and distribution of the prize pool is unknown. The leagues will also act as a "soft" region lock. If a team from Region A decides to compete in Region B instead, they will forfeit their current league spot and have to qualify to the Tier 2 league through open qualifiers.

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