Cooman: "He did a bad job with respect to teammates from the Dendi team, but did not want to miss the chance to get into VP" qualified for the third major of the season with a new roster. In addition to Bakyt Zayac Emilzhanov , Zaur Cooman Shakhmurzayev joined the Dota 2 roster , who for the sake of VP left Danil Dendi Ishutin 's team. talked with Shakhmurzaev - the player did not hide his emotions.

Zaur Cooman Shakhmurzaev
Zaur Cooman Shakhmurzaev:

“My relatives and friends who were with me on those two days with whom I shared this story and who asked for advice will not let me lie. In those two days, I decided to leave the B8 bootcamp and come to a place where, as I and all my teammates understood, it would be better where I would have the opportunity to open up more ... I spent these two days in the present tilt: I pondered this situation endlessly and tried to decide if I was ready to act badly with the teammates, show my ego and go where I would have the opportunity to prove myself.

I solved this for two days - a very long two days. Never in my whole life had I felt so bad because of my actions. It was very difficult for me to make this decision, but ... I have already had three cases in my career when I refused to go to higher level teams, because I did not want to leave teammates - I believed in them and thought that everything would work out for us. But each time it turned out to be a mistake - they just threw me. I do not blame anyone for those stories - there were different circumstances, but I was terribly unwilling for the fourth time to be in this situation.

This time I wanted to think more about my career. I did not want to miss the chance that fell to me. I know that I acted badly in relation to my former teammates. I told them this and explained why I made such a decision. I think they saw that I feel guilty, but I needed it. After two long days, I came to the conclusion that I needed to leave. I am very sorry that this happened. The guys from B8 are very cool. I managed to make friends with them, everything was fine with us. But I did not want to miss the chance and wanted to take a chance. ”

Cooman and Zayac joined on February 3. The team took second place in the qualifiers for ESL One Los Angeles 2020 and received a slot in the third major of the season.