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Dota 2 Live Coaching

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What we do?

Dota 2 Live Coaching is perfect for new and experienced players looking to refine their skills, improve their rankings, and get an edge over the competition. Our coaches have the experience and game knowledge to customize their coaching to your skill level and goals.

What you gain?

You’ll get real-time feedback and advice as you play to help you gain MMR and outsmart your opponents. Your coach will provide suggestions to improve your hero picks, item builds, ward placement, and more - customized to your playstyle and goals.

Mô tả

Play like the pros with Dota 2 Live Coaching. This one-on-one coaching service will take your game to the next level with:
  • Real-time analysis and feedback from an experienced Dota 2 coach as you play
  • Personalized advice on hero picks, item builds, positioning, and more to match your playstyle
  • Post-game analysis of your replay to help you learn from your mistakes and continue improving
  • One-on-one gameplay analysis from a seasoned Dota 2 expert

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