Welcome to the Throne: Exploring Dota 2's Crownfall Update and Its Epic Enhancements

What is Crownfall?
— a new way of telling stories, offering rewards, and making it more fun to win every game of Dota. And it's available right now to all Dota players for free.

You can earn rewards and cosmetics through Crownfall, and there appear to be a lot of fun mini-games to play, like the bass fishing we saw in the initial trailer, but it feels a little underwhelming compared to other in-game events we have had such as Aghanim's Labyrinth. At first glance, it seems to be a beefed-up version of the cavern crawl mechanic from old battle passes.

The other part of the Crownfall patch is the expected arcana sets for Skywarth Mage and Vengeful Spirit. The two sets are intertwined with each other, which is explained in the handy Crownfall comic that was released before the patch launching, and turn the characters into new versions of themselves shown in the comic. They are also the first arcana in a while that can be purchased for real money with no battle pass levels required. They cost $34.99 each and they look great.

Of course, the big disappointment is that there is no actual gameplay patch for Dota in the Crownfall update, with no patch notes being released. That means the core of Dota will still be the same as it has been for weeks, with the last letter patch not doing all that much to freshen things up. There’s also no sign of Ringmaster, the promised new hero who was expected to launch with Crownfall. We can only hope that a big gameplay patch is coming with the mid-May update and that we will finally get to see what Ringmaster does in the coming weeks.

As a warm welcome to Dota 2's latest update, We at VikingDOTA also preparing something for our customers. Without further ado, let us get into what's waiting for you along with the update.

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