We are selling Dota 2 tradable & gift-only items. So here's what you need to know them well before you make the purchase.

What's Gift-Only Dota 2 Items?

  • The item can only be gifted in Dota 2.
  • If you haven't been friends with one of our Official Steam Profiles or our distributors. Then you need to add a friend and wait 30 days to receive the gift. If you're already friends with us or our distributors, we can send the gift to you right after your purchase.
  • What is gifting?: Gifting is the process of sending an item or skin in your account to another user using the “gift” feature of the game.
  • Can I send as many gifts as I want?: Unfortunately no. Due to the restrictions imposed by Dota 2, you can only gift 8 items to a user within 24 hours.
  • Are there any items that cannot be gifted?: Yes there is. While most items in Dota 2 are giftable for trading purposes, some items are not. These items are: tools, pennants, treasures, music packs, emoticons, weathers, effigy blocks, effigies, style unlock items, kinetic/inscribed/foulfell shard/spectator/autograph gems.
  • How do I turn an item into a gift?: When you come to your inventory and right-click on the item, the item becomes giftable when you click on “Gift Wrap Item” among the options. After doing this, you can gift the item to anyone you want.

What's Tradable Dota 2 Items?

  • This item can be traded to you via Trade Offer.
  • You need to leave your Trade Offer URL when you purchase items, then we can send the items to your steam account right after your payment.

I hope this page can help you guys have a better understanding about our service at Skin Market. Happy shopping everyone! Cheers!