Boosting Feature Explanation

We offer many options / features for all our Dota 2 Services with very cheap price. To enjoy your order with our boosting options, read here to make sure you understand all of them:

  • Play Offline: We will set your steam friend chat to Offline mode, then no one can see that you're playing and they also can't send you message on steam.
  • Ban Hero: Ban the hero that you don't want us to play in your order.
  • Don't Expose Data: Do not let any 3rd party sites to collect your data (recent games, KDA, GPM, XPM...) while we do boosting in your account.
  • Free Wagering (Only for Battle Pass Owner): We will help you use wager tokens on all games we play to get you double battle pass points.
  • No Rampage: Simply we won't do rampage while doing service to avoid the attention from customer's friends.
  • Choose Role: Specific the role you want us to play in your account while boosting.
  • Schedule: Set time for our boosters, for example: only play from 8AM - 3PM every weekday, no play on weekend.
  • Streaming: If you are on holiday but still want to watch how we work, you can request us streaming your order. We will do it on Youtube / Twitch and you can watch us whenever you want :D
  • Choose Server: Choose the server you want us to play in while boosting your account.
  • Play Various Heroes: We won't spam 1 hero to make it naturally.
  • Specific Heroes: You can request us play some of your favorite heroes when doing service. You should give us more than 3 heroes because when we spam 1 hero and get winning streak, it will usually get banned by enemy.
  • Choose Booster: Choose your favorite booster to play your account.
  • Instant Start: Due to high volume of orders, customers have to wait 8-12 hours to be served. Instant start means we will start boosting your account within 1 hour after your payment goes through.
  • Rush Boost: Normally customers have to wait 8-12 hours to be served and we only boost 150 - 200 MMR / day in their accounts. If you need your account being boosted right after payment and reached your desired MMR as soon as possible, choose Rush Boost and we will start our work right after your payment and do boosting 300 - 350 MMR / day for you.