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Behavior Score
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Delivery: Instant Transfer
Warranty: Free Standard Pack
Satisfaction: 1:1 Exchange or Money Back
Available in: All Regions / Servers
Phone Number: Activated for Ranked Matches

Mô tả

  • Not Calibrated (TBD) Accounts: accounts that already finished first 100 hours of Dota2 gameplay and ready to be calibrated. The account will have 5-15 TBD games (depending on the Rank Confidence - 7.33 update) waiting for you to calibrate yourself.
  • Different from Normal TBD Accounts, Premium TBD Accounts contains more benefits for YOU. With additional gametime, higher level, better conduct will bring you better results and quality queue times for your Dota 2 journey. 
  • How to buy:
    • Choose the Behavior Score of the account you want to buy.
    • Choose the quantity & click Add to Cart.
    • Checkout, the account info will be sent to you right after the payment successfully goes through.

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