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Don't Miss Any Creep (Last hit, deny, aggro creep...)

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Farming will be useless if after 30 minutes of sacrifice your teammates, your items are still poorer than the enemies’ carries. How are you gonna overcome that? The answer lies perfectly in this course.


  • Welcome to the “Don't Miss Any Creep Dota 2 Lesson.

  • Every Pos 1 Carry player gets blamed at least once for farming too much and ignoring the team. Farming is not bad, especially when you are the carry and you need items. We all know gold will not rain down from the sky and you need to be a hard working farmer to get items to earn the victory for the team.

    When you buy this course, we will teach you:

    • Drafting in the meta
    • Dominate or just survive the lane
    • What to buy? Who to aim? Perfect items buy time?
    • When and where to farm efficiently
    • Map awareness and avoiding ganks
    • When to join teamfight
    • How and when to close the game
    • Tips and tricks that you can not find anywhere
    • Positioning in teamfight
    • Gain MMR quick and effectively

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