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Aghanim's Labyrinth
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How it work?
  • Starting now, players can group up with three of their friends or matchmake with a group to enter Aghanim’s Labyrinth and challenge various rooms full of powerful enemies. No Battle Pass is required to participate in the Summer Event either. 
  • Once you reach the deepest point in the labyrinth you will be facing off against the Apex Mage said to have once held the power of a demi-god. And if you manage to defeat Aghanim, even tougher challenges await should you return to the labyrinth in the future.
  • Those harder challenges are called Ascension Levels, which escalate the labyrinth’s challenge after each successful run. There are four Ascension Levels, with each granting unique rewards such as an Aghanim themed chat wheel voice line.

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