Why VikingDOTA service?

What make our MMR Boosting Service great?

  • No Extra Charge for boosting party MMR or international ranked
  • Free Scheduling: If you want to play in your account while we are working on it, you can give us your schedule (which time you usually play Dota 2 everyday) and we will strictly follow it. No extra fee for scheduling.
  • Free Request: On some other boosting sites, they usually only spam 1 - 2 heroes for boosting and if you want to use some of your favorite heroes, there will be 15 - 20% extra fee. On MaxMMR, it's free. You can request us to use any hero for boosting MMR.
  • Super Super Fast: We can boost 200 - 300 MMR / day in your account. Normally our boosters finish 1000 MMR in 3 days & a half. You don't need to wait long, your account will be boosted very fast by our professional boosters.
  • Professional Work: Our boosters always do boosting with Offline mode in your account & we won't chat all, trask talk or response any messages in your account.
  • Safe & Secure: Of course, your account & inventory will be safe with us. You don't have to turn off steam guard or disable mobile authenticator for boosting service.
  • Daily Progress Update: We will send you daily report to keep you updated with your account's MMR.
  • 24/7 Suport: We help you 24/7 with any questions or problems. You can text us via Live chat, Whatsapp, Skype, email whenever you need.