Ranked Dota 2 banning has been an issue for everyone since it is released. We-Viking have been taking every Order with our best, and thoroughness. But to keep everything running smoothly, we need your help too, our dear customers!

From July 1st, 2020, for any kind of MMR boosting order (including MMR boosting, Medal boosting), you can only play unranked matches (all pick, turbo, ability draft...) while our boosters handling the order. Please understand for us, by this action, the booster himself and VikingDOTA will take full responsibility for your account. So that we can be able to take action on:

    1. Refund: 100% of the payment you paid for the order which account gets Ranked matches banned
    2. Free Return: an account with the same MMR.
    3. Other issues that comes from our side.

If you still want to play Ranked matches while the order is still on process, or you ignore our message/email warning about the play, we will take actions where:

    1. Every Ranked matches you play will be counted : minus 30 MMR (-30 MMR ) on your target MMR or total MMR amount ( no matter if that game won or lost )
    2. Pause the order immediately if those games you play affect badly to the booster’s process . This will be based on your game’s performance: those game with high networth, k/d/a or poor networth, k/d/a – base on scoreboard result - will be considered affecting to the booster’s process. These games will cause the account to get massive reports.
    3. Refunding will be considered at the paused of the order.

Those orders getting Ranked games banned wont be refunded as you accepted our policy and we provided information about the boosting process.

For general Term and Condtions, please read it here.