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  • First 10 calibration games are very important for calculating your final seasonal MMR & Medal.
  • Our experts (6,000 - 8,000 MMR boosters) will get you the best possible result you can get through calibration.
  • Entering the season, all players will be able to earn a new Rank Medal on their profile that represents their highest performance level for the current season.
  • A Seasonal Rank Medal never decreases in rank once you’ve achieved it. Initial calibration games will be seeded roughly based on your previous skill. 

How it works?

What affect your starting MMR?

  • Your MMR is being calculated from level 1 until the last calibration game, it means that not only 10 calibration games will be deciding your final MMR but every game that you played since level 1. Of course calibration games have much more impact than regular games.

The main factors for MMR calculation:

  • History matches - All your games you played since your account was created will affect your MMR bracket.
  • High KDA Rate – Try to get a lot of kills and assists while having low death count.
  • High Hero Damage – You have to participate in every battle and deal high damage to heroes.

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